Eyes Up

The world around me, quickly caving in. The path is fragile and paper-thin. I must let go of my need to control. Lord, please rescue me from this sinkhole. Facedown, I remember the skies above.… Continue reading

In His Image

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And when I was in middle school, my life revolved around comparison. I can remember times when I would walk in to my… Continue reading

Childhood Roots

An acacia tree greets the African sunrise. Shades of scarlet and tangerine fill the sky. What was once in darkness is now in the light. Here comes a lion, Father. It didn’t take all but… Continue reading

Better Together

Wiping the sweat across my forehead, I anxiously swayed back and forth in front of a Southern-style brick house. It was my first day of sorority recruitment at the University of Alabama, and… Continue reading

Last Friday Night

Greasy hair. Trails of tissues in the trashcan. Nostrils rock-solid. Uncontrollable sneezing. Eyes adjust, stinging. A chorus of coughs leads me to the kitchen. Mr. Bear greets me as I reach into the cabinet… Continue reading

Forgiving Again

Experiencing and Expressing Forgiveness Click. The startling sound of the tarnished doorknob twisted in its locked position like a cannon commencing a war. The moment my date locked his bedroom door, I convinced… Continue reading

Sibling “Tripp”

Day 1: Smallville Reaching the peak of the hilly two-lane road, my brother and I immediately recognized the cherry barn, silver silo and butterscotch yellow farmhouse in the distance. As if seeing Cinderella’s… Continue reading

My “13 Going on 30” Moment

It’s close to miiiiiidnight and something happened right there on the floor Under the mooOOOooonlight the dance came on that almost no one knew Except for meeeeee so the dance floor was cleared so I could… Continue reading

Why students lose their faith in college

A growing trend reveals that college freshmen aren’t just preparing a goodbye speech to their families, but to their faith as well. Conor Friedersdorf writes in The Atlantic, “[Freshmen] leave their church, the community… Continue reading

Crossing the Divide

Staring at his smartphone, Joshua clicks the Kolo Africa app and waits in anticipation for the video to fully load. From an outsider’s perspective, it could appear Joshua is showing a mere YouTube… Continue reading